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Press Release: AutoGuardian By SmartCone featured within AISIN Group’s Virtual Exhibit at CES 2021

AutoGuardian's most recent Vision Zero, Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) collaboration with AISIN Group secures a place in AISIN Groups Open Innovation Forum

OTTAWA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2021 / AutoGuardian By SmartCone (AutoGuardian), is excited to announce its collaboration with the sixth largest Global Tier One automotive supplier, AISIN Group. As part of AISIN Group's open innovation initiatives, AutoGuardian was selected as one of thirty-seven companies to collaborate with. In response to the successful proof of concept, AutoGuardian was offered a spot in AISIN's first virtual exhibit, taking place for CES, January 11-14, 2021, which can be accessed here:

Phase one included a successful demonstration of a Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) proof of concept. TheSmartConeTM device equipped with a camera, artificial intelligence, radar, on board edge computing and LTE was placed on a utility pole to capture data such as vehicle speed, counts of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, and push their location along with behavior estimation and projected path in real time to provide invaluable non line of sight alerting. All data was captured on the AutoGuardian user interface to include active alerts of a pedestrian and cyclist hidden behind two parked cars as they approached the intersection. Once their projected path estimated an imminent collision the alerts went from yellow "warning signs" to red "high alerts". Part of the demonstration can be seen in the company overview video linked within the booth.

"Providing motorists with advanced warning of vulnerable road users could truly make Vision Zero reality. Vehicle advanced detection systems can only alert to what the on board camera can see, but intelligent infrastructure can give a bird's eye view for advanced detection and alerting" says AutoGuardian CEO, Tenille Houston.

In a recent press release, AISIN Group described how they are "accelerating open innovation for product development in a variety of new and unique areas. To support this activity, AISIN Group established a fund in Silicon Valley to enable rapid collaboration with start-ups. AISIN Group has partnered with 37 leading start-ups to expedite innovation and value creation in a wide range of fields."

About AutoGuardian By SmartCone AutoGuardian arms cities with the data AND solutions they need to achieve vision zero. As municipalities struggle to find solutions to traffic-related pedestrian and cycling injuries and fatalities, AutoGuardian focuses on Intelligent Mobility, deploying the latest sensor technology to understand mobility within a corridor and more importantly, make streets safer for all. Specializing in deploying and operating intelligent to include connected infrastructure (V2X) for

bike lanes, crosswalks, and autonomous shuttle routes including AV operations, we strive to increase mobility for all. Learn more at

For more information, please contact Tenille Houston at 819-328-4297 or

CONTACT: Tenille Houston, CEO 819 328-4297


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