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Intelligent Signage

Mobility should be more intuitive and easier for everyone to benefit from.  AutoGuardian has multiple solutions to enhance crosswalks. Flashing signs alerting pedestrians to oncoming cyclists and motorists that are set off by sensors on the roadside.

Pushing to cross is a thing of the past...

Sensors detect approaching pedestrians and are automatically alerted to their presence. Those who are visually impaired currently have to make their way up to the pole then feel around for the push button which is inconvenient and unsafe.  Those in wheelchairs find difficulty during winter as snow and ice often accumulate around the poles where they have to maneuver over to reach the push button.

Benefits to a wider communit

We currently deployed a solution in the city of Hamstead to alert pedestrians of oncoming motorists.  Cars will pass our roadside sensors and automatically activate the signal to flash high visibility RRFBs, alerting them to oncoming motorists and alerting the motorist they are approaching a crosswalk.


Pedestrian Alerts-Oncoming Traffic