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Bike lanes

Cyclists are more likely to be killed or injured at an intersection or at a location where there are traffic signals or other traffic control signs. (CAA)

AutoGuardian creates "intelligent lanes" to increase situational awareness for motorists and cyclists. Increased visibility allows for increased awareness. Intersections are the most vulnerable points for cyclists, even protected bike lanes do not carry through an intersection. AutoGuardian places high visibility torches evenly spaced leading up on either side of the intersection which light up when the cyclists pass through the monitored zone. The flashing lights display signage stating "Cyclists present when flashing" which helps to alert the motorist to an oncoming cyclist they may not see.

Bike Lanes: Services

Safer Roads Ottawa and the Ottawa Police Service launches a new cyclist detection system on the O’Connor bike lanes at the corner of Waverley.

Bike Lanes: Video
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