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PRESS RELEASE: AutoGuardian to Pilot Cutting Edge Intelligent Mobility Solutions in Beaumont

AutoGuardian to Pilot Cutting Edge Intelligent Mobility Solutions in Beaumont.

Project will gather actionable insights and test out automated technology to safeguard roads.

Ottawa, Canada December 14, 2021, AutoGuardian By SmartCone (AutoGuardian), a leader in Intelligent Mobility solutions, is piloting cutting edge technology to create safer roads in Beaumont, Alberta. As part of the Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator powered by Highline Beta in partnership with Aviva Canada’s Take Back Our Roads initiative, AutoGuardian has installed sensors both on existing infrastructure and on the road side. The sensors detect pedestrians and cyclists and automatically trigger intelligent torches to light up, thereby alerting motorists of their presence.

First, the technology will collect valuable data to understand movement in two locations: one on 50th Avenue just east of the Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre and the second on 60th Avenue adjacent to 64th Street. This anonymized data, which includes the number and average speed of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles will be to inform the city of usage on these streets. The second application of this innovative technology is to add

intelligent torches to the nearby unsignaled crossings and the same sensors will automatically trigger these torches to light up when pedestrians cross.

Beaumont is a community of choice for livability and economic innovation. In 2019, the city hosted an autonomous shuttle pilot project integrated with regular traffic – the first of its kind in Western Cana

da – and the community is currently finalizing details with private investors to install an ultra-high speed broadband network with the fastest internet infrastructure available commercially in the world.

“This pilot is a fantastic example how Beaumont embraces bold, innovative approaches that improve safety and everyday living for people in our community,” said Mayor Bill Daneluik. “We’re proud to be one of the few communities selected for the project and it speaks to our growing reputation as a sandbox city where innovators, entrepreneurs and investors can bring their ideas to life.”

AutoGuardian CEO, Tenille Houston noted “It is imperative we find new ways to make our roads smarter and safer for all. Working with forward thinking cities like Beaumont, that embrace new technology is an invaluable opportunity for us to test out the art of the possible.”

Hazel Tan, head of corporate responsibility at Aviva Canada said: “At Aviva, we’re committed to making roads safer for Canadians through our social impact platform, Take Back Our Roads, leveraging our knowledge, data, partnerships and funding to invest directly in road safety initiatives. Working with AutoGuardian on this pilot will help create real change to improve road safety in Canada and we look forward to seeing the results of the pilot.”

"We believe in building new ventures that matter and what matters more than the safety of a community? A truly powerful proposition has emerged with the overlap of Aviva's corporate smarts, AutoGuardian's innovative application of emerging tech and Beaumont's amazing forward thinking about their community," said Hussam Ayyad, Chief Accelerator Officer at Highline Beta.

About The City of Beaumont

With a population of over 21,000, Beaumont is one of fastest growing communities in Canada and the safest community in Alberta. Beaumont borders the City of Edmonton to the north and is only nine kilometres east of the Edmonton International Airport.

About AutoGuardian By SmartCone

AutoGuardian provides intelligent mobility solutions to get people to their destination in a safer, smarter, and more eco-friendly way. From autonomous transit operations to operating connected and intelligent infrastructure for bike lanes and crosswalks in both public and private locations, we aim to increase mobility for all. Learn more at


For more information, please contact Tenille Houston at 343-308-0555 or

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