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In the News with OBJ: Advancing AI with community collaboration

Our parent company, #SmartCone Technologies, together with La Cite have been working together on an advanced machine learning module for detecting vulnerable road users across multiple use cases. This collaboration will advance machine learning for detecting cyclists and more within the AutoGuardian solution offerings. Check out this recent article about their partnership. #collaboration #sensors #machinelearning #smartconeacademia #autoguardian

Here is a preview of the OBJ article...

As it works to help autonomous vehicles recognize potential hazards – and navigate around pedestrians crossing the road – one of Ottawa’s most promising startups is turning to La Cité to help it develop and commercialize its machine learning technology.

SmartCone – which combines sensors, video cameras and motion detectors into a cylinder that can fit into a standard pylon or mount on any existing infrastructure – began its partnership with La Cité back in April to launch the school’s latest prototyping lab, the Centre d’expertises en prototypage intelligent (CEPI). The fully equipped innovation centre gives companies such as SmartCone access to the expertise and resources needed to advance and develop high-tech products and bring them to market.

The startup is currently set up in the CEPI lab, working on an AI training set that would enable vehicle sensors to accurately differentiate between people, cars and buses – improving the safety of city streets once autonomous vehicles start hitting the road in large numbers.

SmartCone is working closely with a team of La Cité researchers and students who are trained in machine learning and computer vision. Having access to that kind of expertise has been indispensable and has taken a lot of pressure off the SmartCone team, says Harry Andrei, lead architect at the startup. The students in the program can work independently on the project and find solutions to problems, allowing the company to accelerate the prototyping process.

“They give companies access to technologies that would otherwise be very expensive to have in-house,” adds Andrei. “The knowledge that La Cité brings with their staff and students is perhaps the most valuable part of all. I’ve learned a lot from them.”


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