NAIAS 2020 Mobility Challenge Announcement


As municipalities struggle to find solutions to traffic-related pedestrian and cycling injuries and fatalities, AutoGuardian can deploy cost-effective solutions to improve traffic flow and more importantly, make streets and traffic intersections safer for all. Specializing in deploying and operating intelligent infrastructure for bike lanes, crosswalks, and autonomous shuttle routes, the transportation industry will be forever changed. We look forward to working together to achieve Vision Zero.



We provide municipalities with the data needed to make cities safer and smarter. Our intelligent warning systems give motorists and vulnerable road users (cyclists and pedestrians) the time they need to act and be safe.   By utilizing TheSmartConeTM modular platform with the latest sensors and IoT technology, we offer advanced monitoring and threat detection systems with real-time visual and audio alerts to work towards the ultimate goal of Vision Zero.

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Automatically alert motorists of fast approaching cyclist before they reach the intersection

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AutoGuardian has created a new way for autonomous vehicles to operate in city centres. Our "safety first" includes installation and operation of our intelligent lanes with audio/visual cues to alert pedestrians to the presence of on coming shuttles.



Crosswalks need to be accessible for all. Those with mobility challenges have to maneuver to reach the button, visually impaired have to "feel" around for it, even those with their hands full or who are distracted need a better system.


The feedback we are getting from our residents and customers is that there has been a great change in the pattern of traffic and the speeds, and they feel that the safety for the kids crossing is excelled increasingly.

Chief Stephen Poloni Director of Public Safety-Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

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Grosse Pointe Park Intelligent Crosswalk

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